M3 Canvas Clip

Ameritex Canvas

The patented M3 Canvas Clip is installed in the vinyl gasket, so there is no need to drill holes in the stainless steel header of the windshield. Itís not only less obtrusive, leaving the glistening stainless steel windshield header pristine, but eliminates other problems such as eventual corrosion around the drilled-in snaps and scratches from the mating snap.

  • Patented!
  • No more corrosion around drilled & riveted snaps
  • Reduces marring, scratching and makes it easier to clean and polish stainless steel header
  • Snap molded from super-strong, glass-filled nylon with a UV inhibitor
  • Easy to install (no drilling)
  • Inserts into a new rubber gasket 5 Movable!
  • Replaceable!
  • Available for a variety of trim profiles ó both heavy and light ó and different glass thicknesses

And, it was designed to withstand years of use.

  • The M3 Canvas Clip was put through 10,000 cycles on a motorized tester (min. 13.5 years of use), when finished, it was covered with metal shavings from the mating snap, but otherwise looked and operated well.
  • The M3 Canvas Clip exceeded a maximum load of 100 lbs. Canvas has an approx. strength of 80lbs/linear inch, and, in repeated tests, the fabric strap that held the testing snap started to fray before a force greater than 100lbs. could be applied.

Click here to download a PDF Brochure.

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