Ameritex Fabric Systems has developed an innovative, new, patent-pending boat cover for the marine industry. Cover-1 actually serves and functions as four boat covers within one uniquely designed cover. They include:

Shipping Cover

  • Protects boat from OEM factory to dealer
  • Guards against harsh road travel conditions from the deck to the hull to the chine
  • Tensions under rub rail & chine for double-fastening system
  • When boat arrives at dealership, the white protective side material is easily cutoff with a pair of scissors, and cover is ready for further use...

Mooring Cover

  • Designed to fit tightly under rub rail without snaps or other fasteners
  • Held tight with a ratchet tension system
  • Installs “in-water” in minutes
  • Extra-long zippered cleat cutouts for tying boat to dock

Trailering Cover

  • When tensioned properly, towable under high speeds
  • Extra safety straps incorporated
  • Will protect the boat and everything inside

Storage Cover

  • Protects the entire boat from all weather elements
  • Tensioning feature helps keep out most problematic animals or bugs
  • Interior and gear is safely protected by a cover that requires no fasteners and is easy to take on and off

And there's more! Newly developed ultra-easy installation features...

  1. Integrated bow scoop on the front of the cover forces it to automatically register itself on the bow of the boat
  2. Telescoping support pole comes in a new integrated sleeve, making positioning and deployment quick & easy.
  3. Simple ratchet system in the rear is tensioned so the cover fastens under the rub rail

DONE! Ready for mooring, trailering, or storage


  • No snaps!
  • Extra-long zippered cleat cutouts make tying the boat to a dock hassle free
  • High speed safety straps incorporated for extra hold under trailering conditions
  • Vented to allow cover to breath
  • When a matching Ameritex bimini top is used, cut-outs allow installation without removing the bimini, eliminating extra work and upholstery damage

Plus it’s a green solution!

This new cover eliminates a large portion of the typically disposable plastic shipping cover that is associated with virtually every boat from the factory. The value of this new cover is realized in the fact that it can be resold to the consumer as a multi-purpose boat cover that will provide years of protective service.

Click here to download a brochure PDF

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