SureSeal™ is a new cutting edge canvas attachment system that eliminates snaps, while providing a continuous watertight seal far superior to the snaps that it’s replacing. It’s ultra easy to install and remove, unlike snaps. It has a sleek, form-fitting look. And SureSeal stays attached at all trailering speeds, once again, unlike snaps! All in all, SureSeal solves so many of the issues that both boatbuilders & boaters have disliked about canvas covers over the years...

What is it?

  • A system that incorporates a rubber seal sewn into the edge of the canvas cover, replacing the metal snaps that have been the standard for decades
  • Fabricated from Pellethane™, which has superior weather and temperature resilience
  • Patented!

How Does it Work?

  • Design allows the rubber to simply be pressed into the same track that normally holds the snaps
  • Basically, it’s like closing a Ziploc® bag, and SureSeal™ provides a closure that is just as tight!

Who Can Use It?

  • Because it's designed to fit into the standard bottom trim "snap track" of any Taylor Made Systems windshield, boatbuilders can begin using this new attachment system immediately.

O.E.M. Advantages

  • Installation time will be greatly reduced (no need to install snaps along the bottom edge of the windshield or time consuming alignment)
  • No need to change windshield design.

Consumer Advantages

  • E-Z! to install canvas (SureSeal tells you exactly where to start)
  • Continuous seal is more watertight than intermittent snaps
  • Cover will stay on at all trailering speeds and not unsnap or detach
  • Much-improved look, including...
  • No snaps left behind on the windshield when the canvas is removed
  • No snap heads on the outside of the canvas when installed
  • Smooth edge, eliminates “scalloping”
  • Normally, there are issues with replacement canvas and snap alignment, with SureSeal™ that’s a thing of the past!

Click here to download a PDF Brochure

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